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We have finalised the following pieces of scholarship and ordering information can be found by clicking on the photo or the link below. Note that all work is published by Professors, scholars including interviews with the Royal Family of Serbia, Permanent Representatives To The U.N. (Ambassadors), and are original. Note that we only post the abstracts and ordering information is yet to be posted.

Foreward From The Editor-in-chief,  Parasaran Rangarajan

Only One Thing Will Make Israel Change Course,  Noam Chomsky:

Conflict Between World Trade Law And Environment: Sustainable Development And Climate Change,  Vera Shrivastav:  

Harmonizing Disparate Use Of Force Doctrines Under International Law: Pre-Emption, Anticipation, U.N. Paradigm,  Jason D. Jolley:  

International Criminal Tribunals And The Unfulfilled Aspirations Of Victims, Stefan Mrozinski:

International Investment Law And Its Instruments: Managing Risks To Investors And Host,  Anne Schneuwly:

Enforcement Of Closeout Netting, Jan De Corte:

A Survey Of Alternative Dispute Resolution In Water Rights Disputes, Kyle B. Fields:

Enforcing A Child's Right To Primary Education: An International Perspective,  Sukanya Narain:

Just Between Yoo And He: Two Justice Department Lawyers' Imaginary Torturous Email Exchange, Stephen A. Rosenbaum:

Srebrenica - International Criminal Tribunal For The former Yugoslavia Complaint,   Francis A. Boyle

Cyberattack And Self-Defence: A Limited Renewal Of A Classic Question,  Eric Pomes:

Interview With His Royal Highness Crown Prince Of Serbia Alexander II:

 Interview With Ambassador H.E. Dr. Riyad Mansour, Permanent Representative Of The State Of Palestine To The United Nations:

Interview With Ambassador H.E. Dr. A.K. Abdul Momen, Permanent Representative Of Bangladesh To The United Nations:

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