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Mission Statement

The International Law Journal of London was started by University of London law students and alumni aimed at providing both academia with new research, ideas, and sources in the fast developing field of international law. It includes those who have extensive experience in law, publishing, and scholarship. We help you stay updated and in front of the legal field. The journal publishes articles, essays, notes, book reviews, and commentaries on various areas of international, transnational, and comparative law which help shape the world today. We are committed to publishing thought provoking, quality, and cutting edge content which will contribute to the development of jurisprudence. We aim to publish the highest quality of scholarship written by faculty, professionals, and students alike in an annual publication. 

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ISSN In-Print: 2376-0079

                      PARASARAN RANGARAJAN

                      MAYA ANGELOU

​    (First Volume Dedicated In Her Name)

                      J.C. BATRA


                      STEPHEN ROSENBAUM

                      PATRICIA WOUTERS

Editor-in-chief (sole editor) and founder for the International Law Journal of London educated at Harvard University.

He has participated in drafting resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), forming the rationale for motions which were submitted by the government of India at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and has assisted the government of Palestine by working with various United Nations Officials.

Currently an honorary Goodwill Ambassador/Aide-De-Camp/Colonel for the Governor's Office of the State of Kentucky and an analyst at the reputed think tank South Asia Analysis Group. 

He regularly writes/edits articles and has published in reputable outlets such as the 100+ year old newspaper The Harvard CrimsonHarvard International Review (HIR)Eurasia ReviewInternational Journal of Research associated with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and Peace Palace Library which services the ICJ.

                      CLARENCE B. JONES

                      NOAM CHOMSKY

Board of directors

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                      PAUL  JAMES

                      CHRISTOPHER GIBSON

                      FRANCIS A. BOYLE